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School, sports & camp physicals

Before your child attends school or camp, or participates in a sport, a medical exam is often required to ensure your child can safely participate in the activity without harming himself or others. These required exams are also opportunities to identify and address underlying health concerns.

Novant Health Township Pediatrics completes school, camp and sports physicals for children of all ages. These exams can often be completed during the same visit as your child's annual checkup. Please bring with you any forms you have been given as we will not have access to those forms in our office. If more testing is required or if a separate appointment is needed, you might be responsible for an additional charge.

If your child is up-to-date on well-child checkups, we can normally complete required school, sports or camp forms between visits for no additional charge. Please allow three days after we receive the form for our office to complete it. If any additional examinations, vaccines or lab tests are required, we will contact you.